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For those who were "RIFed" at the end

Wild TurkeyWild Turkey Member Posts: 2,427 ✭✭✭✭
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How much notice did you get? How'd you get the message?

I was 1LT in my third year -- I'd started with a 2-year obligation but gave the Army a third to avoid a VERY bad assignment.

Early in that third year my Branch Manager sent out a message that they'd like to talk to us in DC about our next assignments.

A friend was going to DC (we were at Ft. Knox) so I thought I'd catch a ride to see about my next assignment.

Called DC on Wednesday and he put me on hold while he checked to make sure I had made the cut.

Came online and said I'd made it and he'd be glad to talk to me on
Sat am.

Sat. am came and I walked into the office and was told to take a seat, the MAJ would be right with me.

He came in, sat down, looked at me, looked at his clipboard, looked at me (by now I was getting a bit concerned) and quietly said, "You didn't make it."

I managed to say, "Guess we don't have much to talk about then."

Shook hands and stepped out.

Had six months to go, but took an "Early out" to get back home in time to do wheat harvest.

Went back to Ft. Knox area Thanksgiving to marry lady I'd met at my 1LT promotion party.

38 years together.[8D]


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    BuffaloGunBuffaloGun Member Posts: 12 ✭✭
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    I still had 18 months to go in summer of '74. I had just been assigned to 68th Heavy Bomb Wing, Seymour Johnson AFB as a gun plumber. Physical found my hearing so bad I was no longer good for the flight-line. Rather than make me a shop troop they offered the choice of early out of becoming a box counter for my remaining time. All the really good B-52 and KC-135 pilots were already being stolen by the airlines as were many line personnel. The people who ran combat units were being replaced by office people.I was discharged at 1530 hrs Christmas Eve of that year.
    "War is h*ll, peace is a *******"
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