Delay & Deny Until They Die update

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The V.A. wants more information on the claim that I filed over five years ago. So I am scheduled for another interview and some tests at the Reno, Nv. facility. It is 109 miles from my door to theirs. We have a V.A. outpatient hospital less than five miles away but apparently they are not equipped to do blood work and ask me a few questions. Perhaps they think I will miss my appointment giving them a reason to cancel my claim once and for all. I may be 71 years old, but I ain't dead yet. I will fight them to the end. As an aside, Julie and I have grand children in the Reno area whom we will visit. And as seniors, we qualify for the two for one buffet at the Pepper Mill Casino. As you may have guessed, my glass is always half full. We have done so much with so little for so long that now we can do anything with nothing forever.


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    Don't forget to put in for your mileage. They do the same in Oregon. I have to drive over 150 miles and go past the main VA hospital to Hillsboro CBOC for anything to do with C&P. I was over 4-1/2 years on my claim. This is a reelection year for a senator here. I contacted his office. Took about a month. The VA resolved the claim after years of me trying to get them to do anything. Good luck, keep up the fight.
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