Marines Lament

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Richard (Boon) Preston is a Marine but this piece suits combat veterans of any branch. I have posted some of his work before and I will continue to share as long as he does.


Your eyes have not seen what my eyes have seen!
But perhaps in a nightmare deep in your dreams
the sights, the sounds of a raging war
brings the reality of death to your front door

Your heart has not felt as my heart has felt!
When beside a dying Marine I have knelt
with his hopes fading as life slips away,
never to see the light of the coming day.

You have not crawled as I have crawled!
Over blood soaked soil where life has dissolved;
where boys turn to men and men gave their all.
For Freedom and Brotherhood they answered the call.

You have not felt rage as I have felt rage!
As the Vietnam Protester took center stage
and stole glory from the fallen who died for their rights;
who unselfishly without question gave their Country their lives

cRichard D. Preston
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