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Sky SoldierSky Soldier Member Posts: 460
edited June 2015 in US Military Veteran Forum

Today a memory leaked from my eye
we all know that warriors never cry,
Could it be what my heart reveals to me?
that causes my inner soul to weep.

I tried to stand strong all of these years
hiding all of my thoughts and fears.
Keeping them locked up safe and sound,
hoping beyond reason that they'd never be found.

But once in a while I'll be sitting there
and my eyes reveal the thousand yard stare.
The world around me ceases to exist,
except the memories I cant seem to resist.

Let the memories flow they cleanse the soul
they belong to my fallen brothers I used to know,
Because they died for me, and they died for you,
to our country and flag they will always remain true.

For this reason I will never conceal
or try again to hide what my heart feels,
To let the past be a source of honor and pride,
and take both the good and bad days in stride.

So today....
another memory,
leaked from my eye.

Rich 'Boon' Preston
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