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> We, the undersigned, petition the President of the
> United States and America
> 's Governors to immediately deploy reserve military
> units under their
> authority in aid of the U.S. Border Patrol to secure
> our borders against
> illegal migration, international criminal
> operations, and the clear and
> present danger of terrorist incursion. We also
> petition Congress to support
> such actions through authorizations and funding.
> We call upon the United States Senate to follow the
> lead of the House of
> Representatives and pass legislation that will
> secure our borders through
> fencing, technology and a massive increase in Border
> Patrol agents so that
> the reserve military units can be rapidly relieved
> of their deployment along
> our frontier. We urge the Senate to leave the grave
> question of amnesty for
> the millions of illegal aliens already in this
> country for later debate,
> after the security and sovereignty of our nation
> have been clearly
> reestablished and the present wholesale border
> crisis is controlled.
> We endorse in principle the report reviewing the
> original Minuteman Project,
> issued last year by the Congressional Immigration
> Reform Caucus, which cited
> Minuteman Civil Defense volunteer action as a model
> for a government effort
> to reclaim our national borders-particularly the
> porous southwestern border
> areas of the United States.
> "The Minuteman Project has convincingly demonstrated
> that illegal
> immigration on America's southern border can be
> dramatically reduced to
> manageable levels," the report said. "What is
> missing is not the means to
> control; it is the will."
> Further, we support wholeheartedly a bill introduced
> by Congressman Virgil
> Goode of Virginia in the United States House of
> Representatives which has 45
> co-sponsors, H.R. 1986, "To amend title 10, United
> States Code, to authorize
> the Secretary of Defense to assign members of the
> Army, Navy, Air Force, and
> Marine Corps, under certain circumstances and
> subject to certain conditions,
> to assist the Department of Homeland Security in the
> performance of border
> protection functions."
> We commend the U.S. House of Representatives for
> their passage of the
> Sensenbrenner-King bill, HR 4437, and exhort the
> Senate to follow the lead
> of their colleagues in ensuring that true border
> security is the established
> prerequisite to any legislative immigration reform.
> While American citizens, including the elderly and
> mere infants, are
> subjected to intrusive and thorough searches at
> airports and federal
> buildings, vast stretches of our borders are left
> wide open to any
> terrorist, criminal or subversive who has the energy
> to walk a short
> distance.
> Border security is absolutely essential if we are to
> reduce the imminent
> threat of new acts of terrorism on American soil,
> maintain our sovereignty
> as a free and decent nation, and contain the
> alarming growth of
> international criminal syndicates that are violently
> overtaking our
> territory and assaulting our people.
> We call on the President and our Governors to deploy
> the National Guard and
> the various reserve military units under their
> direction immediately to
> assist the U.S. Border Patrol, and for Congress to
> support this action, in
> order to establish and maintain secure national,
> sovereign borders of these
> United States of America.
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