The Old Tunnel Rat is Gone

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Meant to hit Vietnam Forum. Woops! I'll leave it here anyway.

Lloyd was a rough ol' Ba$tard. He did things his way. He was my friend. When you can no longer breath, you cash in your chips.

Lloyd did two tours in Vietnam and was a Tunnel Rat. Though small in stature, Lloyd got the nerve racking task of crawling down in the tunnels where the enemy hid and lived (not to mention snakes and other large insects and mammals). Two tours and never a scratch, though his hearing was ruined and he learned to smoke, which ultimately killed him this morning.

His favorite weapon was the Thompson, backed up with a 1911. He didn't talk about his service much, though the subject always intrigued me. As time went by we became friends, and he almost became comfortable talking about his experiences.

He let me me call him the "old Tunnel Rat," and I helped him get free of an a-number-one Beeeeach. You might say we fought side-by-side, though I do not mean to infer I know of true war like Lloyd.

Lloyd, you suck for dying, you ba$tard.

But I love ya anyway!

RIP Lloyd C.
(Ol' Tunnel Rat)
Born: 09/01/1938
Died: 04/17/2006


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