re: jarhead..anyone see reality in a war show?

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I'm just interested to know of the people that have seen various war movies and been in combat. Did anything you've seen on the silver screen come close to what you saw in the real deal. For me, Saving Private Ryan, the first thirty minutes was there. I could only imagine what the guys on that beach in June of '44 were going through. Second, when the mission was about to launch in Blackhawk Down. I was in a surround sound theater and it sure felt like sitting in a Blackhawk again. The amazing thing with that movie was they matched up all the right helo sounds to the right helos.


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    I can't say as I've seen any movie that depicts anything close to what actually occurred in my experience. Of course this must be qualified with the fact that I wasn't at D-day, and all of my experience has been in what are called "low intensity" actions. Intensity being defined by some moron whose idea of intensity is when the Coke machine jams.
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    I have seen some that caputre the feelings of the charectors but never the intensity of the action.

    I don't think you can truely portray that intensity in a movie.

    Good example: I have alot of friends that were in nam. Between them and movies I thought I had a good understanding of the whole aspect of it all.

    After I went to Desert Storm I realized there is no way I could have an understanding of what went on in nam without having been there.

    I also had a SFC in my unit (old timer that was ready for retirement) that did 2 tours in nam. He said that you couldn't compair the desert warfar to the jungle warfar, and each in their own way was tuffer than the other.

    That being said, living it is the only way to have the true feeling of it, and each battle is differant than the next.
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    I never fired a shot in anger, but the movie THE SEPTEMBER TAPES is intense, it was actually filmed in Afganistan. Watch the bonus documentary dvd after the movie.

    Three Kings is Good
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