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God Forbid...I hope and pray...

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I'm beginning to wonder if this might be the problem with my arms. The VA has labled it Ulner Palsy, and I would certainly prefer this. My wife's best friend's husband is dying from this...he's a doc in FL. I pray that I do not have to go through this horrible disease. One of these days, I really need to get back in and push for my upgrade in disability...I went through it once, and I really hate to do it again. The VA put me through 2 years of crap when I went through the Persian Gulf Registry...only to lose my records when I submitted my request for an upgrade (which was strongly recommended by my Doc).

I have a lot of nervous system, I hope this is not the culprit.[B)]


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    This is not really a new discovery. They have been talking about the GWS and ALS relationship for a long time.

    The only thing I see different there is an actual increased rate of twice as likely to get it over most Americans.

    I am not sure if you have looked around this site But it has alot of great info. It is also where I first heard about the ALS relationship.

    GWS is something that over the years I have taken alot of time to learn about as I was one in the first of the groups to ever recieve an actual rateing for it. When I first recieved my rateing for GWS they were still denying anything about it and just gave us a rateing for "Undiagnosed Illnesses". That was back in 1992. I was also there when we blew up the Khamisiyah chemical bunkers, and those of us that were there seem to have an even higher rate of GWS than others that served over there.

    I have about 4 file boxes full of info on GWS and can get you all kinds of info on it if you would like. I save almost all new items that I find relating to it.
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    I've read about it before too...I just came across this new article and it got me to thinking...
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    quote:Originally posted by ECC
    I've read about it before too...I just came across this new article and it got me to thinking...
    Like I said I got lots of info and would be willing to share it if you want it.

    There is alot of info out there, but unfortunatly most of it only leads to more questions.[V]

    I truely feel that our government knows more than they are telling us, and they are going to do like the Vietnam guys and wait for a large portion of us to die off and then say we made a mistake. But that has been the way since WW1.

    And don't misinterpret my feelings. If I had it to do over again even knowing what I know now, I still would have gone. But just maybe I would have done a couple things different.
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