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What to do with Military History

baker-foxbaker-fox Member Posts: 90 ✭✭
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I have acquired a large (BIG) collection of one man who was a Col. in the US Army. I have his Graduation certificate framed 25 X 31 inches. Beautiful. Graduated in 1925. I also have his discharge from enlisted ranks to go into acadamy in 1921, I have all his promotion certificates signed by dignataries and Officers framed, I have pictures if the Acadamy with honor guard in front, I have so many pictures and other items of this Gentleman including his wife and overseas. Pictures if the BiPlanes Genny where they were in it. Pictures of old cannons, pictures of old ships, pictures if him in Japan just after the war. Pictures of Officers calls, Pictures of Army Navy Hoopla. Probably over 300 pictures. A few other items. I am interested in disposing of the collection but don't know where to put it or how because of the vast amount. I bought the collection from a lady and she said all family was gone. I then have paid over 300 for frames and framing plus the work in getting everything framed that was large and all his promotion, etc. Lots of pictures of the old Acadamy in the 1920's. Any suggestions would be appreciated. It'd cost a lot to have Fedex or UPS to pack the frames for shipment for protection. Suggestions would be helpful.


  • n/an/a Member Posts: 168,427
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    Have you done any checking on military locator forums to see if you could find a decendant to pass it on too.?.? If you do some digging, you might find some family.
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