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Contracting Officer in Iraq or Afghanistan

jbradley0912jbradley0912 Member Posts: 18 ✭✭
edited August 2008 in US Military Veteran Forum
Does anyone know how to contact the Contracting Office/Officer in Al Asad?

We are seeking an agreement that would allow us to set up as an Internet Service Provider operating as a commercial enterprise to supplement the existing MWR centers. Al Asad would be a great market for us but really anywhere that would permit us to setup would be good just to get our foot in the door.

We are NOT asking for a contract, only permission from Base Command in a simple Memorandum of Agreement. NO financial support from any government source is sought. We are a free enterprise business that will either make enough money from our paying customers to stay in business or we won't.

I had previously posted a request for information on asking how to get a CAC and the information was incredibly helpful. (A contract or an MOA comes before the issuance of the CAC.) I received more straight info from the members of this forum than I could have expected. So, once again, I could use some help.

Respectfully submitted and appreciative to all!


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