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Army Loadout?

caltraskoocaltraskoo Member Posts: 2 ✭✭
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Hello, I am a big fan of airsoft and collecting gear.
First off, in order not to get flamed, I do not put on patches or ranks of any type (such as stripes, "U.S. Army", etc.) because I respect the military and their sacrifices for us.
I am very interested in wondering what you guys carried over there (Middle East) and if you have any pictures that you could share so I could somewhat replicate it.
Right now I have a somewhat newer scheme (US Army pre-adopted ACU)
I have Propper DCUs and a Woodland Pointblank OTV with IIIA Inserts.
I have a replica m16 with a heatshield and a replica m203.
What else do I need? I know I should get a WC 3 Day Assualt pack, but I would like y'alls help.
Also, is there a reason why the Chocolate Chip cookie pattern was removed and the 3 color DCU made? Thanks for the replies.


  • xsvfrcexsvfrce Member Posts: 5 ✭✭
    edited November -1

    I am a 14 year veteran of the army who has spent 2 tours in Iraq and Kuwait. When we were originally sent over we were issued the DUC and by the time I left we were all wearing the ACU. The reason for the change from the old "Chocolate Chip" uni is technology. Simply como technology is continuously improving. Just look at the patterns that real tree and mossy oak put out. They are always updating for improved concealment. The same applies to the military forces. As technology improves so does our ability to remain hidden in combat. I must tell you though, I honestly believe that the Marine Corps has the market cornered right now on desert camo. and honestly in the U.S. the new ACU is virtually useless. The old woodland uni's were much better.

    I have a ton of pictures from Operation Iraqi Freedom. I will try to rememeber to dig some up to send you. A soldiers loadout varies on his individual duty. You would have a pretty good start if you had a uni, boots, ACH (if you don't know it replaced the Kevlar helmet), goggles, and body armor.

  • SF SGMSF SGM Member Posts: 1 ✭✭
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    Xsvfrce is on the money. As far as uniforms go, many Spec Ops units are using Crye Precision Multi-Cam pattern. It's expensive but it's a great uniform/camo pattern. You can get knock off versions that are much cheaper. Have fun.
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