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Infidels Veterans Group

GoldFeatherGoldFeather Member Posts: 3 ✭✭
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Allot of these people that we run into as vets thank us for what we have done, but that thanks only goes so far. Many people look at us as outsiders because we have served our country. They hear PTSD and automatically think that we are some kind of crazy person.

But that is not who we are!

I am not sure about what others may feel, but I have talked to allot of vets and the things that we have in common are things that those that have never served will never understand. There is no Therapist that can "FIX" our dreams, or make the memories go away. But I know that we are most comfortable when we are around others that serve.

That feeling of family never goes away, no matter if we are still serving, or if we have been out for 60 years.

So I intend to try to do something about it. I am trying to set up a network of Vets, past present and future. A group that allows us to get together with other vets and just hang out. No therapy, no pressure, nothing but a bunch of people with similar pasts having a chance to feel welcome around others that may never say it, but feel the same way about things.

This may be a trip out to watch a fight with other vets, or a day at the range shooting the new (or old) rifle. No judgment! Just good times, and good people.

I am presently in central Wisconsin, but I am hoping to network with people nation wide. If others come this way, then they will know someone that is like them, and if we go somewhere else, then we will feel the same.

If you are interested in what I am trying to do, and want to know more, there is ever expanding information at

EDITED computer would not allow me to access this site. It may be harmful to click on this link. Firefox shut down all three times I tried accessing the site.

and my e-mail is there too. It is time for us to stand for each other, and do it in the way that we always have, and others cant.


  • GoldFeatherGoldFeather Member Posts: 3 ✭✭
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    Try DELETED...until I can get someone who can safely check this link out...EDIT by ECC. and then click on Infidels. I have Firefox running with all of the add on's that I could find like Ad Block and all that. I have not been having any problems on any of my computers including my work computer.
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    BTW...if someone here is able to safely check out this link provided by GoldFeather, please email him for the link and get back to me on the issue. Thank you!
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