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Good Times from deployment

pipe7pipe7 Member Posts: 911 ✭✭✭✭
edited September 2009 in US Military Veteran Forum
What are sme of the good times you can remember from your dployment to either Iraq or Afghanistan? Leaving either one of these s^&* holes would be #1, but I mean while you were there. I remember sittng and talking with a budy of mine who I hadnt seen in years and served with during Desert Storm and other locations. He showed up at our base camp out of no where, it was a one in a million chance that we would run into each other. The only thing missing was a cold beer. [;)]


  • wittynbearwittynbear Member Posts: 4,518
    edited November -1
    Kicking * weeks after the 9/11 attacks.
    Seeing Taliban engage Marines from a truck with RPGs that were totally inaccurate, and seeing Marines return fire with an AT4 that was very accurate.
    Seeing Taliban wildly shooting from a truck at the hills not knowing where shots were coming from only to be pulverized by the cannon of an A10.
    Feeling the shockwaves from a 2000 lbs bomb dropped on a target 800m away.
    An Lt I didn't particularly care for got stung on the * by a scorpian while jerking off in the poopter and come running out junk and pornomag in hand.
    Seeing a guy set up an ied on the side of the road outside basecamp and as I was sighting him in he blew himself up.
    The cold fresh mountain air.
    Seeing ancient persian castles built by alexander the great.
    Destroyed russian tanks from the 70's they still haven't cleaned up.
    Grenade blowing up the porta poopter in our basecamp the night I was leaving and throwing brown rain all over the place, and knowing I wouldn't be be there to clean it up.
    Knowing I would never smell a foul nasty goat smelling raghead again.
    Flying back to the states with most of the same friends I left with.
  • NiccoHelNiccoHel Member Posts: 1,519 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    A good time on deployment? That week in Bahrain. Watching two cabbies fist-fighting over who got our fare, then hopping into a third cabbie's yellow checkered Mercedes when the fight was broken up. Sitting in a hotel's basement/bar sipping Japanese beers, listening to a Filipino band singing American '80's covers, while chatting with English para-troopers on leave/holiday was a high point in my life. Although, if I had to listen to "Sweet Home Alabama" one more time...

    Bahrain was a funny place...
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