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US Army Taking Care of It's Own

rhmc24rhmc24 Member Posts: 1,984 ✭✭✭✭✭
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With bad news and better news this seems to be looking up.

My twin Grandsons are/were both Sergeants in the US Army, in helicopter units, did 15 months in Iraq and one did short deployment in Afghanistan. No 1 finished his enlistment a year and a half ago after Afghanistan. No 2 is awaiting discharge, some three months after his enlistment was up. He was severely injured in an on-base accident leaving him permanently disabled, but functional. The Army has kept him in for extended treatment.

In recent months No 2 assigned to some kind of limited duty was having problems with punctuality due to his injuries, also problems with his superiors who were giving him grief about it.

No 1 has had his problems with service injuries while deployed. He was in a some kind of special helicopter unit, jump qualified, flying only at night, usually as side gunner. On ground as gun specialist. He has had issues apparently stemming from events in which he participated. He doesn't talk much but it was some kind of snatch and grab operation the unit specialized in. After a lot of attention from Vets Admin, lately he is doing well in school with a 3.7 average.

Back to No 2 problems, he contacted his twin for advice, possible help. No 1 got an audience with No 2s base CO, who listened, heard the background of the case and said he would take care of it. He did and no more problem. No 2 now on some kind of detached duty where he only has to report in periodically.

I have the impression that it's unusual for a former Sergeant to get in to see a CO. No 2 says that his brother's service record in special services would probably get him in to see the President. I just wish we knew more about it.
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