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Man...what a good day!

n/an/a Member Posts: 168,427
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...and believe it or not, I'm saying that after spending the day at the VA Hospital!

It would take a long time to explain in detail, but not many of the VA Docs really understand what's going on with Gulf War Syndrome and how screwed up some of us Vets are (even though the VA has published tons of information about the problem). My current Doc is the Chief doctor of the entire hospital that I go to and I don't think he normally takes patients, but he sees me (which is a relatively new development). In any case, much of what we suffer from requires the exact opposite of how they would normally treat a certain condition or certain symptoms. The medications that they would normally use are actually the worse thing they could do to treat much of what we have going on. I've been trying to tell my docs for the longest time that these normal treatments were having very negative adverse affects on me, but it's been like banging my head against a brick wall.

When I saw my doc today, I brought in some old records from the mid 90's where my primary care Doc had diagnosed me with some conditions related to the Gulf War (this was after going through the Persian Gulf Registry) along with a 2008 Report by the VA on Gulf War Illness. While in his office, he strongly suggested trying the traditional treatments (that has already caused all the adverse reactions I experienced) over again...BUT after leaving his office, he actually took the time to research the information I brought him and he sent me an email with some medical research from 2003 (that he dug up on his own) that backed up EVERYTHING I've been trying to tell my Docs for all these years regarding their standard course of treatment for the conditions they have labeled us with...and how that was the worse way they could possibly treat our conditions (even though it flies in the face of everything they thought they knew). His email validates everything I've been telling them, even though it goes against everything they thought they knew.

This Doc actually cares enough about his patients to look for the educate himself and look for a real answer for treating his patients. I'm just blown away! I couldn't be happier right now. He has now found concrete medical research backing up everything I've been telling them for years...and he cared enough to look for it, rather than just prescribe another RX and shuffle you out the door. Unfortunately, most of the Docs in the VA system know very little about Gulf War Syndrome (even though the VA knows quite a bit about it). They just haven't been educated on how to best treat their patients. The tide has started to least in my case.

Interestingly enough, my Doc knows I'm a Christian and today he told my wife and I that he was a Christian too...and he credited God with his ability to reach diagnosis's that he would have never been able to come to on his own...then after a seemingly so so visit with him at the hospital, I came home to this. Praise God!

Not many of you will understand the frustration of what I've been through regarding this matter...nor the tremendous relief and happiness I'm experiencing right now...but I just had to share it anyway. Today was a long hard day...but a darn good day! [:)][8D]
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