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FYI: Lung Problems

dersequimdersequim Member Posts: 110 ✭✭
edited August 2011 in US Military Veteran Forum
My Son-in-law returned from 6 months in Iraq/Afganstan in Sept 2010, MSGT ANG. He was at Bazra AFB for 2 months, living in a tent 50 ft. from the Flightline at the point that the fighters hit their afterburners. First they gave him 10% Hearing loss just for being there. NOW! he has been having trouble breathing and it has gotten worse as the months have passed! He went to a VA Doc Tuesday and they are SURE his Lungs are COATED from a mixture of DUST/Sand and Jet Fuel Residue! The symptoms are similier to the BLACK LUNG that COAL Miners get! So if you are experiencing anything GET IN NOW!


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