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Proxy Oil Wars are Turning into a Major War!

serfserf Member Posts: 9,225 ✭✭✭✭
edited March 2014 in Politics
Looks like the beginning of The Major Oil Wars! I doubt Venezuela which is in turmoil will become a Russian Sea Port! It will soon be in political Chaos like in The Ukraine,

The USA will either occupy it or have a right wing puppet government install or lose to Russia and China for oil/natural gas there. The gloves are coming off no more proxy wars!

This web link below explains why There is A coming major oil war!


Russia also has a tremendous financial weapon that could be unleashed against the US and EU: their dollar holdings. With the Russian government, not to mention private Russian holdings, retaining a tremendous amount of US dollars, they could easily choose to transfer or dump their dollars and create a veritable panic on Wall St and in Washington. In fact, this scenario may have already taken place on a small-scale.

The Russian Central Bank may have quietly transferred a portion of its dollar holdings offshore. More than $106 billion of US securities held by foreign central banks were suddenly transferred away from the US Federal Reserve, with the majority of the securities being US Treasury bonds. It remains unclear exactly which central bank made the transfer, though there is a good deal of speculation that it was Russia. Though the move was not enough to severely rattle markets, it has been interpreted as a warning to Washington and Wall St. from Moscow that the Russians are willing to retaliate in the case of economic war being waged against them. As CNBC reported last week.

The war in Syria, and the subsequent diplomatic standoff between Russia and the West, is also partially the result of energy-related issues. The early days of the conflict in Syria coincided precisely with the signing to the so-called "Islamic Pipeline", a gas pipeline that would have delivered Iranian and Iraqi gas to the Mediterranean, and subsequently to Europe, via Syria. Naturally, such a development would have been a direct assault on the gas hegemony of Qatar, and the gulf monarchies more generally.


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