Chaos is The Next Big Event Coming in Venezuela!

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I think Putin will abstain from Invading any more territory for now in Eastern Europe but When it comes to Venezuela,well it's coming! But according to the article posted it will have to be a serious violation of civil rights to get the OAS to act! Stayed Tuned!



John Kerry knows which side of the class war he is on. Last week, just as I was leaving town, the US Secretary of State doubled down in his fusillade of rhetoric against the government, accusing President Nicol?s Maduro of waging a "terror campaign against his own people". Kerry also threatened to invoke the Inter-American Democratic Charter of the OAS against Venezuela, as well as implementing sanctions.


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    Oh yes, it is clear exactly how scared Putin is of obozo's sanctions or any other threats.
    "This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or exercise their revolutionary right to overthrow it." Abraham Lincoln
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    I have reservations about the validity of this article. My wife and I have a friend that is Venezuelan. She went to Venezuela to visit her mother about 5 months ago. Upon her return she was telling us how dangerous Venezuela was and how going out after dark was VERY dangerous. Our friends family would be a member of the haves not the have nots and they are very scared.

    Deep into the article there was discussion about the OAS and if Kerry would call upon the OAS to try and straighten this out. It was then stated that Kerry wouldn't go that route as the OAS would be just as likely to go after the U.S. because of its drone strikes killing U.S. citizens. What drone strikes on U.S. citizens??

    Look for Putin to install a puppet government in Venezuela. With such a weak U.S. there will be no retaliation.
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    Oddly enough, I have to go back to my first thoughts on the matter of strife in other lands and say. "We need to mind our own business". Let Europe and South America sort it out by themselves, tell John Kerry to shut up and eat a tomato.

    I don't care about Afghanistan, I car about me and mine.
    I don't care about Crimea, I care about me and mine.
    I don't care about Venezuela, I care about me and mine.
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    Id Venezuela attacks us, we defend our country...
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    let Russia and china flip for venezuela
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