Genetic Mugshots are Coming!

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Can they collect your DNA to get your * features? Yes they are working on it right now! One day all will be in the Data Base and Big brother will know more than you do about yourself! [:D]

And it won't just be crooks either! Do they collect thumb fingerprints at you DMV office,yes they do!



A radical new crimefighting technology could soon see mugshots created from just DNA.

Scientists could use genetic markers from the DNA left at crime scenes to build up a complete picture of an offender's face.

This is the first step towards so-called 'genetic mugshots' and the breakthrough was made by U.S. researchers linking specific DNA markers to face shape.


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    Nope, no thumb or other fingerprints collected at the DMV in this state.

    I have read stories that hospitals collect DNA samples from all newborns and has for years.

    It varies from state to state and is under the guise of screening for defects.


    The parent(s) of the newborn can opt out in writing ....... but many have no idea it's being done.

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    Hasn't all that technology been shown on CBS 60 minutes years ago.
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    quote:Originally posted by blogdog37
    Hasn't all that technology been shown on CBS 60 minutes years ago.

    Yeah but now they will unleash it on the masses to make sure your obedient to the cause. Pay your Taxes and vote for your favorite Politicians that money can buy![:D]

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