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  • Ray BRay B Member Posts: 11,822
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    One thing: both Neville and Barach were/are both tall; and Adolf and Vladimir were/are both short. Unfortunately, the similarities do not end there.
  • gary wraygary wray Member Posts: 4,663
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    I was teaching a class last night and this disturbing news came up....and I reminded my students wsamest of the guards were in the Polish death camps. Sad that we are dealing with this issue in 2014.
  • pwilliepwillie Member Posts: 20,254 ✭✭✭
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    quote:Originally posted by Barzillia
    It's a hoax.

    The Russians have been painting the Ukrainians who resist as Neo-Nazis.

    Some are, but the Russians sent the letters.
    Your sure????[:o)]
  • DaveJDaveJ Member Posts: 395 ✭✭✭
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    And I suppose that there are 6,000,000 of them? [}:)]
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