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Waco Waltz mystery

Waco WaltzWaco Waltz Member Posts: 10,828 ✭✭
edited April 2014 in Politics
The Waco mystery. There is none,

It was simple, the Capt told me I was no longer allowed to post in any forum but Politics. Because it was a partial ban I decided I would stop posting anywhere. I was told that myself and member "The Middle" were in the same boat. That if the Capt. saw me posting in GD I would be N/A'ed.

I was content with lurking until recently saw that The Middle was freely posting away in GD so I thought well that aint right and sought clarification. I wrote Officer Nun (ret.) asking what the deal was. He got back to me in the last 48 hours. Don't know if it was the recent postings on my emails or he just took that long but I was told the lock is over and I am out of the cage just to keep the conspiracy stuff here.

An here I was content to stay banned. You can all blame in the Middle for my return.



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