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Why no Weapons of mass destruction were found.

Waco WaltzWaco Waltz Member Posts: 10,828 ✭✭
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Now you know. Don't bother with the links they are dead. Old war time story.

Subject: [Air_America_Radio] conspiracy?

CIA and DoD Attempted To Plant WMDs in Iraq ?_" and Failed

Pentagon Whistleblower Reveals CIA/DoD Fiascos
According to a stunning report posted by a retired Navy Lt. Commander and 28-year veteran of the Defense Department, the Bush administration's assurance
about finding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq was based on a CIA plan to "plant" WMDs inside the country. Nelda Rogers, the Pentagon whistleblower, claims
the plan failed when the secret mission was mistakenly taken out by "friendly fire."
A DoD whistleblower details an attempt by a covert US team to plant weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The team was later killed by friendly fire due to CIA incompetence. In a world exclusive, Al Martin
[] has published a news story about a Department of Defense whistleblower who has revealed that a US covert-operations team had planted "Weapons of Mass Destruction" (WMDs) in Iraq, then "lost" them when the team was killed by so-called "friendly fire."

The Pentagon whistleblower, Nelda Rogers, is a 28-year veteran debriefer for the Defense Department. She has become so concerned for her safety that she decided to tell the story about this latest CIA-military fiasco in Iraq. According to Al Martin, "Ms. Rogers is number two in the chain of command within this DoD special intelligence office. This is a ten-person debriefing unit within the central debriefing office for the Department of Defense."

The information that is being leaked out is information "obtained while she was in Germany heading up the debriefing of returning service personnel, involved in intelligence work in Iraq for the Department of Defense and/or the Central Intelligence Agency. "According to Ms. Rogers, there was a covert military operation that took place both preceding and during the hostilities in Iraq," reports Al Martin, an online subscriber-based news/analysis service which provides "Political, Economic and Financial Intelligence."

Al Martin is a retired Lt. Commander (US Navy), the author of a memoir called "The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran-Contra Insider, " and he is considered
one of America's foremost experts on corporate and government fraud. Ms. Rogers reports that this particular covert operation team was manned by ex-military
personnel and that "the unit was paid through the Department of Agriculture in order to hide it, which is also very commonplace."

According to Al Martin, "the Ag Department has often been used as a paymaster on behalf of the CIA, DIA, and NSA and others." Accordng to the Al Martin story, another aspect of Ms. Rogers' report concerns a covert operation which was to locate the assets of Saddam Hussein and his family, including cash, gold bullion, jewelry and assorted valuable antiquities.

The problem became evident when "the operation in Iraq involved 100 people, all of whom apparently are now dead, having succumbed to so-called `friendly fire.' The scope of this operation included the penetration of the Central Bank of Iraq, other large commercial banks in Baghdad, the Iraqi National Museum and certain presidential palaces where monies and bullion were secreted."

"They identified about $2 billion of cash in US dollars, another $150 million in Euros, in physical banknotes, and about another $100 million in sundry foreign currencies ranging from Yen to British Pounds," reports Al Martin.

"These people died, mostly in the same place in Baghdad, supposedly from a stray cruise missile or a combination of missiles and bombs that went astray," Martin continues. "There were supposedly 76 who died there and the other 24 died through a variety of 'friendly fire,' 'mistaken identity,' and some of them---their whereabouts are simply unknown." Ms. Rogers' story sounds like an
updated 21st-Century version of Treasure Island meets Ali Baba and the Bush Cabal Thieves, writes Martin.

"This was a contingent of CIA/ DoD operatives, but it was really the CIA that bungled it," Ms. Rogers said. "They were relying on the CIA's ability to organize an effort to seize these assets and to be able to extract these assets because the CIA claimed it had resources on the ground within the Iraqi army and the Iraqi government who had been paid. That turned out to be completely
bogus. As usual."

"CIA people were supposed to be handling it," Martin continues. "They had a special `black (unmarked) aircraft to fly it out. But none of that happened because the regular US Army showed up, stumbled onto it and everyone involved had to scramble.

These new Iraqi "Asset Seizures" go directly to the New US Ruling Junta. The US Viceroy in Iraq Paul Bremer is reportedly drinking Saddam Hussein's $2000 a
bottle Napoleon-era brandy, smoking his expensive Davidoff cigars and he has even furnished his Baghdad office with Saddam's Napoleon-era antique furniture.

The Iraq Debacle Du Jour has evidently been extensively documented by the DIA debriefing teams with "extensive tape recordings of interviews with the Iraqi
returnees, the covert operatives (as well as their affidavits)." Al Martin has dubbed this "Operation Skim Iraq."
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  • MadjackMadjack Member Posts: 71 ✭✭
    edited November -1
    All I know is that before this war, Saddam had them. He used the damn things to kill his own people. It's common knowledge that the left overs went over to Syria so we would not be able to remove them from middle east area. Now, with Syria in an uproar, who knows where they went. We'll find them, someday, in the middle of Telaviv, raining down on the Jews there. Those Arabs won't let them go to waste.
  • Waco WaltzWaco Waltz Member Posts: 10,828 ✭✭
    edited November -1
    Of course he had them because we gave most of them to him but they were destroyed by the Un mandates and verified to the extent they could be. Scott Ritter went into detail about all that.
  • gruntledgruntled Member Posts: 8,402
    edited November -1
    Sadam was more afraid of the Iranians than he was of us. He played the game of making us believe he had hidden weapons to keep the Iranians afraid of him. If he had allowed the inspectors complete access with no tricks he was afraid that Iran would resume their war.
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