Chinese destroyer docks in Iran?

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Yep,Obama is hot on ISIS being an evil empire! All they did was steal oil fields and a dam in Iraq and made the oil cartels mad and cut off some aid workers heads yet Iran and it's Nuclear Power Problem is lost or forgotten while being the most deadly foe In The Middle East!

Now The Chinese have slipped in for a visit and The UN mandates are forgotten! What a joke! American is losing it's battle to stop Iran and it is being legitimize as a peaceful society to be accepted into the NWO! In my opinion.



On the last day of their visit while leaving Iran, the Chinese warships will stage a joint drill in line with mutual collaboration, and exchange of marine and technical information particularly in the field of aid and rescue," said Azad.

The report said the destroyer was accompanied by a logistics ship, and that both were on their way to the Gulf of Aden as a part of an international mission to combat piracy.


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    The Chinese have their own goals and will USE anyone to reach their ultimate goal.
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    The Chinese are licking the boots of their oil supplier and nuke parts purchaser
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