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Democrats genetically unable to CiC wars

Ray BRay B Member Posts: 11,822
edited January 2015 in Politics
Just look at their history:
Wilson has US enter WWI, basically to push the scale against the Central Powers- which ended the hostilities, but he was then unable to deal with the hate of the French and English. The world would have been better off had he just kept US out of the war and let the Europe situation resolve itself in a more permanent fashion.

FDR failed to recognize the stand alone potential of the US and as a result made concessions to the Russians and English that prolonged the war as well as abandoned several innocent countries to the Russians, setting the stage for continued conflict.

Truman's self image of himself was more important to him than the welfare of the US or the world, since he allowed himself to take his office down to the level of a high school cat fight in his dealings with MacArthur.

Kennedy was the only one of the bunch that had the ability to put the US and South Vietnam in position to stop the roll of Communism and protect rather than destroy the country.

LBJ was unable to respond to any situation in terms other than those he learned under FDR. Everyone was a politician and every politician had their price. LBJ spent his presidency trying to BUY Ho chi minh. To his death he never learned what was important to Ho and what he(LBJ) could have done to prevent South Vietnam from becoming Communist.

Nixon was a case of two presidents in one body- since he was a Republican he's not an issue here.

Obama has the same symptoms as LBJ, but with different causes. He is unable to match the reality of the world events with the hoped for events that he projects in his mind. He is unable to recognize that his beliefs as to how things will go, given his actions are not leading to the desired result.

Appears the conclusion is: If the US is going to get in a war, or is in one and wants to get out of it, then by no means should a Democrat be given the reigns of the country.
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