The Skynet is Going On Line soon!

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FYI, The Future belongs to Trans humanism and A.I. which is a scary fundamental shift to the dark side in my opinion.



Kadtke and Wells want the US military to take advantage of the increasing interconnection of people and devices via the new `Internet of Things' through the use of "embedded systems" in "automobiles, factories, infrastructure, appliances and homes, pets, and potentially, inside human beings." Due to the advent of "cloud robotics. the line between conventional robotics and intelligent everyday devices will become increasingly blurred."

Cloud robotics, a term coined by Google's new robotics chief, James Kuffner, allows individual robots to augment their capabilities by connecting through the internet to share online resources and collaborate with other machines. By 2030, nearly every aspect of global society could become, in their words, "instrumented, networked, and potentially available for control via the Internet, in a hierarchy of cyber-physical systems."
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