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Quantitative Easing Dance of Doom?

serfserf Member Posts: 8,854 ✭✭✭✭
edited March 2015 in Politics
Rob Peter to pay Paul and The taxpayers is Peter! The Congress is just the boot licker for The Federal Reserve and most are clueless or in on the scheme of fleecing the public out of their life savings and entitlements which does not include social security which is a paid in trust-fund but in reality is ponzi scheme soon to run out of funding especially the disability fund.


Federal Reserve Chair, Janet Yellen recently chastised these bankers. This, while the Fed has become their largest client and the world's biggest hedge fund. While she wags her finger, the Fed is paying JPM Chase to manage the $1.7 trillion portfolio of mortgage-related assets that it purchased from the largest banks. In other words, somewhere along the line, the public is both paying to buy nefarious assets from the big banks at full value, thereby supporting an artificially higher price and demand for these and similar assets,and paying the nation's largest bank for managing them on behalf of the Fed. Yellen says things like "poor values may undermine bank safety" and all of a sudden she's on an anti-bank rampage? What about the fact that just six banks control 97% of all trading assets in the US banking system and 95% of derivatives? Or that 30 banks control 40% of lending and 52% of assets worldwide?


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