Big Brother Watches & Remebers !

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They wish to be privy to everything no matter how mundane it is.Remember cross the line and you will simply disappear! [8D]



I used to say that Google knows more about what I'm thinking of than my wife does. But that doesn't go far enough. Google knows more about what I'm thinking of than I do, because Google remembers all of it perfectly and forever.

Metadata can be much more revealing than data, especially when collected in the aggregate. When you have one person under surveillance, the contents of conversations, text messages, and emails can be more important than the metadata. But when you have an entire population under surveillance, the metadata is far more meaningful, important, and useful. As former NSA General Counsel Stewart Baker said: "Metadata absolutely tells you everything about somebody's life. If you have enough metadata you don't really need content." In 2014, former NSA and CIA director Michael Hayden remarked: "We kill people based on metadata."


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