Hillary will be POTUS

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Most of us here are on the conservative, Libertarian side of the spectrum. We read a lot of what we believe in and agree with.

I have been watching some of the Media talking heads on MSNBC, CNN and the evening so-called news. They LOVE Hillary and excuse her every step of the way.

A huge percentage of Americans do not care what Hillary did that is slimy or illegal or dishonest. Why, because they live like she does, they have no honor, they are dishonest. These voters excuse Clinton crimes as just part of the deal, they justify the end result, no matter the means.

Hillary could murder Bills current lover with a meat cleaver and the people that vote for scum like her and Rahm Emanuel will vote for her anyway. It is the way of the Socialist/Marxist/Moron US voter.

The voters that excuse Hillary are legion in the big population centers, they nullify our votes.

Yup, Start learning to say Madam President.


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    What a totally depressing view, but even more depressing is the fact your probably right. Amazing that politics in this country has sunk to the level it has, that a person who has accomplished "NOTHING" as either a senator or as secretary of state to say nothing of the myriad of scandals that she's been involved in or have followed her and she's somehow considered a viable candidate and an effective leader.

    She's an utter failure and it doesn't seem to matter. Just another example of how stupid and gullible the American public is.
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    I think that once a Republican candidate is chosen that Klintons campaign will shatter like a piece of glass.
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    [green]She is owed the presidency, she came up with someone slicker than Willie and he squeezed her out now it is here turn she earned it [/green]
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    she is as qualified to be potus as bret farve's wife is to be qb of the packers, and for the same reasons.
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    It's always good some people have something to belive in ........even if it's bad.
    "This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or exercise their revolutionary right to overthrow it." Abraham Lincoln
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    Dan Joseph "interviewing" Hillary Clinton

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    ...if she is nominated, I will vote for her....
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