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    Absoulte power corrupts absolutely! And our government has passed so many laws now to circumvent OUR Constitution and Bill of Rights that the common man has no recourse in the legal system.

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    Dean Skelos was responsible for suspending Senate Rules and brought the NY Safe(unsafe)Act of 2013 to the floor much to the pleasure of King Cuomo.Skelos voted for and fought for passage of the Safe Act.SKELOS IS THE ONE PERSON WHO COULD HAVE STOPPED THE SAFE(UNSAFE)ACT OF 2013 DEAD IN ITS TRACKS! Another Republican that is the other side to the same coin.I hope the bum gets all that he so richly deserves.BTW,a few weeks ago several bills for full repeal of the Safe Act were in the Codes Committe. Many were ready verbally to bring them forward but caved in at the last minute.(Cowards)Sure I know what the nay-sayers say but I tell you there is a crack running thru the State Legislature and their Dam conscience is catching up to them. Don't let up, call your state Assemblyman and Senator and give them Hell or thank them if they voted against the Safe Act. Ray (NYSRPA,Endowment Member NRA,Life Member Monroe/Chester Sportsmens Club).
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