State of Misery (Missouri) wants to give away it's

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My county had to vote on changing from township to county road maintenance a while back and the county commissioners informed us that word has been passed down from MoDOT that the state has intentions to turn a big percentage of the secondary highways over to the counties AS SOON AS THEY(the state)CAN AFFORD TO GRIND UP THE PAVING and return the roads to a loose gravel(ish) surface.
The reason: We voters have refused to vote a gas tax increase for several years. My question is whether the state has the right to turn it's back on the rural areas in favor of the major highways and metro areas. I pay the same state tax per gallon as someone in KC or St Louis.


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    I am PROUD to live in the state of "Missouri". However, if the voters do not want to increase funding for the highway system so that funding from the federal government can be sought, then the public "wishes" to return to the days of rough and unsafe roads.
    Politics, I wonder what the voting results were for your County? I would guess that it is some kind of scare tactic maybe tied to the final results. If that County does not want to "conform" to the ideals of MoDOT then they will just, and can do what they think is the most economical solution to maintain that Counties transportation system.
    Very unfortunate situation because the transportation system has improved greatly over the last 20 years.
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    our county has had a federal highway turned back since the 1950's and county keeps patching it up for local convenience and has turned a few of its 250+ miles of asphalt back to gravel...no big deal...an abandoned fed or state highway gets no outside funds...all is supported by local taxes and gravel roads are not inherently rough or unsafe...( our county has NO native rock other than local owned sand pits)
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    " I wonder what the voting results were for your County?"
    I was told yesterday it's a "done deal". Vote to go county wide maintenance passed and maintenance areas have been assigned.
    This is "co-incidental" to the comments about the state dumping it's low use roads on the counties. This county already one of the highest ratios of gravel to pavement roads in the state so returning hundreds of miles of pavement to county maintenance would be financially devastating.

    Personally, I've voted against every gas tax increase that's come up. The reason: MoDOT has become arrogant and lazy. They waste millions of dollars simply because the workers won't work, demand unreasonable levels of "safety", and expect to do everything from a seat. I WORKED for the state highway dept 44 years ago when it really was WORK. I mowed ROW with a tiny open station tractor while trucks blew past at 60 mph. I shoveled hot mix into cracks and packed it with a truck tire. The current crop of employees pursued MoDOT jobs because it was easy-if you don't believe that, check out how many workers are overweight and/or female.
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