New Police Radars That Peer Into your Home?

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Well if they get a warrant it's legal if not then it a Police State weapon or tool!



Police Departments and law enforcement agencies around the world have been using radar devices for years. But now, new technology is allowing officers to detect movement even through solid walls. The most disturbing thing about this technology is that it requires no warrant for officers to spy on you in the privacy of your own home.

This technology is not something being theorized for use in the hypothetical future. It has in fact been used by dozens of departments already, over the past two years


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    IS there a counter measure?
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    The counter measure is put into effect when they zoom in on me in my underwear.
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    I was chatting with a guy last evening who told about some very "sensitive" areas which housed equipment(both ground and rotary wing). His thoughts were the equipment is part of something Homeland Security has staged in the state for ????. The fact that this equipment is within a mile of the state capital building may be coincidental to the fact that it's stashed on airport grounds. The guy commented that access was monitored by some sort of * recognition device and that hangers that had previously contained shops for airframe, hydro, and electronics maintenance were reportedly now devoted to electronic surveillance.
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    Instead of selling tin foil hats from now own I'm going to start selling tin foil wall paper. Try seeing though that A holes! [8D]
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