Cashless Society is Coming!

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Just may be a sales gimmick but I doubt it! The NWO is coming like it or not! Cash is out! Electronic is in! No cheating big brother anymore![:o)]


Washington and Brussels want your money, too. They want to know how you're earning it. Where it's coming from. Where it's going. Every penny of it.

They also want to control it. They want to get you to spend more to boost the economy. Hence, why negative interest rates, a tax on your money, is spreading through Europe.

Why JP Morgan is the first in the U.S. to impose negative interest rates on customer funds in excess of $250,000. Why more such policies are coming, yes, even here in the U.S.

And perhaps most important of all, why authorities in Europe and the U.S. are moving to abolish cash.

Never mind most of what you already do is electronic. You bank online. You trade online. You conduct business online.

That's not enough for Washington or Brussels. They want all cash gone from the system.

The first such steps have already been taken. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is now working behind the scenes to make its Special Drawing Rights, or SDRs, the new global reserve currency.

The World Bank is working on its own version.

All over Europe now, cash is under attack. Spain has banned cash transactions over 2,500 euros. Italians have been banned from using cash transactions of more than 1,000 euros, while France is expected to introduce a similar law in September.

France, by the way, is also requiring that all gold in the country and transported through the country must be declared and reported to French customs.

While large cash withdrawals exceeding 10,000 euros per month will also now be monitored and reported.

Throughout Europe now, foreign exchange offices are now required to obtain a copy of someone's ID to exchange more than 1,000 euros.

In the U.K., former Prime Minster Gordon Brown is advocating abolishing all cash and forcing people to use all electronic money via a new nationalized ban
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