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Waiting on an American Pinochet

Waco WaltzWaco Waltz Member Posts: 10,824 ✭✭
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The RESISTER, Vol. V, No. 4, Winter 2000
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by "Alaric"

As America's ethnic composition and cultural institutions become corrupted
at a rate faster than they can be repaired, those Americans who cannot help
but notice and speak out against the corresponding increase in buzzardy,
miscegenation, illiteracy, violent crime, and general moral degeneracy are
coming under unwarranted criticism, intolerable censure, and--more
ominously--political persecution.? The net result of these phenomena upon
those Americans still capable of rational thought and objective analysis is
that they are becoming increasingly marginalized and isolated from the
mainstream polity or excluded from the public debate altogether.? These
principled, intolerant Americans--almost exclusively European
Christians--used to be known as "Conservatives," back when there still were
wholly American institutions to conserve.? Today, they are known to the
Judeo-Communist media elite as "extremists."

"Extremists," if you accept the Left's definition, are those Americans who
simply want to live their lives according to the philosophical premises as
set forth in our nation's founding documents, i.e., the Declaration of
Independence, the original Constitution, and the original Bill of Rights.?
These documents embodied and represented political concepts that were the
fruition of over 500 years of political experimentation by Anglo-Saxon
Christians who worked within the framework established by the Magna Carta
and English Common Law.? Our founding documents were also based upon a few
basic assumptions that were not reflected in the documents themselves, one
of which was the cultural and moral integrity of the electorate.? For
instance, if you asked an American in 1787 if the American people would ever
knowingly consent to restricting their God-given right to keep and bear the
state-of-the-art firearm of their choice, he probably would have figured you
for a fool and might even have called for the local constable to have you
arrested and committed to an asylum.? Similarly, if you asked that same
American if he would consent to having his posterity share the polity with
savages, heathens, and sodomites, he very well might have shot you dead
where you stood.

Unfortunately, American culture has been subverted and perverted into a
shadow of its former self.? Almost all those who stand for America's former
national values have been purged from or denied access to America's cultural
institutions.? It is a simple matter of fact--and, in some jurisdictions, a
matter of law--that certain objective opinions and conclusions are not
considered politically correct or permissible for public consideration.? Not
coincidentally, the most politically incorrect opinions and conclusions are
those which reveal the identity of those who are destroying our nation.

To our newly-imported "fellow citizens" from the Third World, the political
concepts which define our culture mean absolutely nothing.? They are here
because America is "the land of the big PX" and they have been told by years
of Communist brainwashing that they are entitled to their "fair share" of
it.? These people have also been extended the privilege of voting... and,
they certainly do vote--almost to a man.? They are very grateful to "our"
national traitors who gave them access to the Great American Welfare State,
and they return them to office every election year, as long as they deliver
a larger piece of the pie created by the dwindling productive class.

Much has been said by many on the political Right about "going back to
basics."? I suspect that most Rightists don't understand or want to accept
exactly what that means.? They are under a grand delusion that we are simply
going to wake up one day and vote ourselves out from under our translucent
socialist yoke.? Quite frankly, we cannot "go back to basics," culturally or
morally speaking, because our government--the institution that enforces
culture and morality--has been infiltrated by the Leftist elite which is
composed of persons who are either members of alien cultures or their
accomplices.? They have gained supremacy within our polity, are continuing
to destroy our culture, and they demand that we sit down, shut up, and be
grateful for the portion of the bread and circuses they permit us to enjoy.?
In other words, our basic, European Christian moral foundation has been
replaced by a decidedly non-European and non-Christian one because the
formerly European Christian members of our government have been replaced by
non-Europeans and non-Christians.? Worse yet, they are working towards
gaining a monopoly of force before enough of us wake up and stop them.? In
the meantime, everything possible has been done to prevent a sense of
cultural solidarity from forming among us so that we cannot identify friend
from foe.? Before we can "go back to basics," we must first agree upon what
those basics are and who will be allowed to embody and enforce them.? We
cannot do this if "multiculturalism" is accepted as a legitimate moral and
legal premise.

According to the Leftist vernacular, I am an "extremist."? I believe in
America as it was founded and intended to be by our Founding Fathers, not as
it has been reinterpreted by the enemies of our people.? I will not share my
nation--or the governance thereof--with savages, heathens, or sodomites.? I
will not stand idly by while our people are destroyed by "tolerance,"
"inclusiveness," and "multiculturalism."? I reject on their face the lies
that we and our children are force-fed in "our" schools, "our" churches,
"our" media, and by "our" government.? Those persons who hold beliefs
similar to mine are also coming to the conclusion that they are generally
not permitted to express themselves in the peaceful manner that is
associated normally with a civilized polity.? Consequently, we are left with
very few alternatives.

The Left has reckoned on the fact that we will remain divided and at odds
with each other perpetually while they continue to wreak havoc against our
way of life.

They are wrong.

They think that we have been disarmed, deprived of leadership, and
demoralized to the point where we will not consider physical resistance as a
viable option.

They are wrong.

And, as an ultimate safeguard, they think that they have removed all
principled men with any inkling of pan-European Christian nationalistic
sentiment from the armed forces.

They are wrong.

We are the reason you try to pass your unconstitutional "laws" and saddle
the military with a political commissariat.? Neither will protect you; we
are already inside your perimeter.? We train your soldiers.? We lead your
platoons and command your companies and battalions.? I am in the armed
forces, and there are many like me, officers and enlisted men alike, biding
their time, waiting on an American Pinochet; a man of courage, integrity and
morality--a true anti-Communist--to step forward.

For those of you on the Left who are blithely destroying our nation, pray
that he never arrives.? Because when he does, no institution you Leftists
have infected will remain uncleansed and no evil you have endorsed and
spread will go unpunished.? The Constitution you Leftists expropriated and
shielded yourselves behind, and then transformed into a monstrosity of
oppression presided over by your Robed Dictators, is now a dead letter.?
Neither it nor any appeals to it will protect you from what we have in store
for you.

The RESISTER is published quarterly by Special Forces Underground
and John P. Zenger Press.?


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