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NSA Data Collection Case is Reinforced

serfserf Member Posts: 8,854 ✭✭✭✭
edited August 2015 in Politics
Did you think that once power is given to a oligarchic power base that the judicial branch would give it back? Even sunset provisions?

You are now a subject under their scrutiny and even the rights you have that they give and you feel must be contested in court will cost the average person thousands of dollars. Money is what and how they will control you along with war.

You haven't a chance to challenge their authority! Bet on it! Did you see what the judge said? They are PRIVILEGE you are not!

Wake up your not a citizen your a subject of the state! ALL HAIL CAESAR!


A divided three-judge panel Friday overturned Leon's order, while saying Klayman's case may still proceed. The judges all agreed Klayman hadn't shown he is likely to succeed in his lawsuit, but two of them said he should have the opportunity.

One of those two, U.S. Circuit Judge Janice Rogers Brown, said it was entirely possible the Obama administration may rightfully refuse to turn over the information Klayman requests.

"Such is the nature of the government's privileged control over certain classes of information," she wrote. "Regulations of this sort may frustrate the inquisitive citizen, but that does not make them illegal or illegitimate."


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