Temple Mount September 2015 Explodes!

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Looks like the clock is ticking and they know the timeline!



Earlier Thursday morning, Prosor had sent a letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon reiterating Israel's commitment to maintain the status quo on Temple Mount as well as "safeguard the holy sites of the three monotheistic faiths in Jerusalem."

The Israeli Ambassador added that "any attempt by the UN to equivocate or avoid a clear statement denouncing those responsible for the outbreak of violence will only encourage further destabilizing activities, and further inflame an already dangerous situation."

Clashes on the holy site have been escalating since Sunday. The violence cost the life of one Israeli citizen and injured dozens. Israeli security forces have been placed on high alert on Friday morning, ahead of protests in Jerusalem and the West Bank which should take place after afternoon prayers.


Israel deployed hundreds of extra police around the Old City of Jerusalem on Friday after Palestinian leaders called for a `day of rage' to protest at new Israeli security measures.

Around 800 extra police were posted in the heart of the city and adjacent Arab neighborhoods, where tensions have been high for the past week, following violent clashes at al-Aqsa Mosque and stone-throwing attacks by Palestinians against Israeli cars.

The focus of tension is the compound housing al-Aqsa and the Dome of the Rock, one of the holiest places in Islam. Jews refer to the area as Temple Mount, where an ancient Jewish temple once stood. It is the most sacred place in Judaism.

"The Israeli police have heightened security in and around Jerusalem and the Old City in order to prevent and respond to any incidents that could take place," said spokesman Micky Rosenfeld, adding that undercover units had been deployed.


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    sounds like israel wants it to work for all...UN never gets wound about hamas or palestinian violence against israel....and all the UN wants from the USA is boatloads of money to waste
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    It won't last for the secular governments will not have a chance when the religious forces gather for Prophecies to unfold. Nine/tenths is the whole of the law,he who possessives it.

    Obama is a closet Muslim no doubt about it and is the love child of The United Nations.



    All non-Muslims, such as Jewish and Christians, were implicitly downgraded by the world body as "visitors" with no rights to worship "free from violence" at a shrine, which predated Al Aqsa by more than a millennium.
    Indeed, the statement, which was endorsed by the US delegate, made no mention at all of the mountain compound as the site of the Jewish Temples, sacred to Jewish and Christians - any more than it referred to the Palestinian attacks on non-Muslim visitors to the "noble Sanctuary," on the Jewish worshippers at the Western Wall below, and on the Israeli forces struggling to preserve the peace..

    debkafile reports a major clash ensued in the main hall of the mosque as the Palestinian youths drew on a prepared hoard of projectiles to hurl rocks, cement blocks and firecrackers at the advancing Israeli police officers.
    Thirteen Palestinians were injured in the clash before the police withdrew.

    The governments of Egypt and Jordan both condemned Israel for the event. Public Minister Erdan issued this statement: "The Israeli Police are to be commended for making advance provisions to secure safe access for all visitors to Temple Mount on Rosh Hashana. The serious events occurring there make it necessary for all of us to review the current regulations and provisions."

    Commander Chico Ederi, Jerusalem police chief, said: "We will continue to show zero tolerance for violence and stand prepared to forestall it. The police officers deserve all possible praise for the professionalism, dedication and resolve they displayed in quelling an outbreak of violence with great speed."
    After calm was restored, police allowed Jewish visitors to enter Temple Mt, site of the Jewish Temples, which is also sacred to Christians and Moslems. Large police troupes guarded each group.
    Monday morning, the first day of Rosh Hashana, fresh Palestinian riots erupted on Temple Mt.
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    Looks like Jordan who polices The Mosquethat their willing to break all ties with Israel if this escalates anymore.

    While Israel claims they Harbor rock throwing militants and breaking the status quo!

    This means no more Jews allowed at this Holy site!

    The Unite Nations is to take action on these matters soon??

    When have you ever seen a World organization get enveloped in a matter about a place worship? It will be it's undoing however!



    And this too!


    Today the world is divided between those trying to undermine religious coexistence and those trying to protect it," Gold said in a statement. "By saying that the `filthy feet' of Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount desecrate it, Mahmoud Abbas has now clarified on which side he stands."


    QUESTION: And then there's another - and then another one, which is about comments that President Abbas made, apparently a day or so ago, about welcoming blood spilled in Jerusalem. Have you seen those? Do you know anything about that?

    MR TONER: No, and again, I would just chalk that up to what I just said, which is those kinds of comments, in general, are not what we feel are conducive to creating the kind of climate we believe is - we want to see for a return to a negotiated settlement.
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    GHWB should have invited Israel to join the coalition against Saddam Hussein during the first Gulf War with the implicate statement to those that practice the Religion of Peace that principle is more important than protecting their petrodollars.

    We had the opportunity, via Hussein's aggression to put the Arab States on record regarding basic human rights, and we let them off the hook. The first Gulf War was a noble cause. It lost some of its nobility when GHWB sold out to a 13th century mindset at the expense of our Israeli friends.

    Looks like Obama is no better, though no one expected him to be.
    Freedom and a submissive populace cannot co-exist.

    Brad Steele
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