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OK I did not get paid to listen or watch for 10+

FrancFFrancF Member Posts: 35,278 ******
edited October 2015 in Politics
Hours. Why? I am a fair and impartial guy even after 40+ Clinton investigations that I have witnessed over the years. The conclusion is the same.

LIAR... Still think it was a gun running operation cover up.


  • Waco WaltzWaco Waltz Member Posts: 10,824 ✭✭
    edited November -1
    She was. Liberals know they can "manage" any wrong doing by their side with lies.
  • casper1947casper1947 Member Posts: 1,147 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    A tried and true method. Stall, obstruct and withhold evidence while yell that they are cooperating.

    The MSM will not point out the 2+ year old subpoenas just how these are partisan attacks to discredit (any Democrat you chose). While completely ignoring the partisan whitewash.

    They learned in the 90's to make an issue out of something they most likely won't get and if they do they will complain about that. Cummings inferred that some of Goudy's statements were out of context. That an entire close hearing transcript be opened. Goudy's reply was correct and on target. * neither expected or wanted those released. Now he has given the media their talking point. You won't hear the reply, only the smoke screen.
  • wifetrainedwifetrained Member Posts: 1,137 ✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    Just another dog and pony show in the end. That may not have been the intent, just the way it ends up. The latest example of why we, as a
    country, are doomed.

    Here we have a candidate who has no demonstrable accomplishments as either a senator or as secretary of state, who has been surrounded by scandal her whole adult life along with her idiot husband who BTW accomplished just about nothing in 8 yrs in the white house. And this person actually has a chance to get elected because the general public is absurdly stupid and easily led by a corrupt media complex.
  • spasmcreekspasmcreek Member Posts: 38,925
    edited November -1
    what difference does it make now....should be the oppostition blaring ads... like offensive repetitive * ads they should be all around the evening news and prime time
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