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If the FARC deal passes, kiss Colombia goodbye

droptopdroptop Member Posts: 8,925
edited October 2016 in Politics
What is the FARC ? A terrorist group in Colombia. The FARC will be at PEACE with the Colombian government when their negotiated treaty is voted upon. WHEN ? Right now, voting SUNDAY Oct. 2. (YES or NO).

Not knowing anything about this, do you think the TERRORIST group FARC has any intention of peace in Colombia ?

Take into consideration:
The peace talks were in Cuba.

John Kerry went to Cuba and Helped with the effort.

Obama happened to be there at the same time.

The last Colombian President wouldn't negotiate with the FARC and ALMOST stopped their operations. The replacement president was supposed to continue the previous president's agenda. but chose to "negotiate" a peace treaty,, or,, in my opinion "surrender" to the terrorists.

Recent OPINION article in English.

This downward spiral would be hastened by the cost of the agreement's implementation, which necessitates national debt and new taxes. Negotiation was in the tens of millions of dollars, but that is pennies compared to what is in store, up to $187 billion in the first 10 years. One reason is the bribe for FARC members: $700 up front and $217 per month for two years for 10,000-17,500 people.

Great negotiations,, become a terrorist, surrender and get a pension and a "leg up" on life. Just surrender your weapons and be peaceful. Higher ups, political power and office. Some Departments (states) are literally "ruled" by the FARC now,, how do you suppose they'll vote for their new Senators and Representatives?

Oh, forgot to mention,, there is another terrorist group,, ELN and they are NOT part of the treaty.

Who's in favor,, don't know ONE person. My guess, after returning from observing the polls 90+ say NO but it's a little rural town.


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