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If Hillary wins

bundybundy Member Posts: 204 ✭✭✭
edited October 2016 in Politics
She will have control of:

1. The Executive branch which controls the Justice Department which controls the FBI and the BATF. We have seen what a corrupt Justice Department under Eric Holder and Janet Lynch is capable of. The head of the FBI is corrupt by how the whole Hillary email investigation was handled and how she was protected. We can expect the BATF to get their marching orders to go after FFL dealers and manufactures and anybody else that is unlucky to get on their radar.

2. The Judicial branch, especially the Supreme court, by nominating judges that will march in lock step with what ever policies she wants to implement by simply ruling them constitutional whenever someone tries to fight them in court.

There is also the possibility the Democrats could win back control of the Congress, this will just grease the skids and make the liberals jobs easier and quicker.

If Trump wins there are so many Republicans in Congress that don't like him, they will not hesitate to work with Democrats to reign him in, but as we have seen with Obama the Democrats in Congress will not do anything to stop the over reach of power by a Democrat president.

Lets not also forget that the government has now established that the IRS can tax people for not spending their money on something that the government says we have to buy which is how they force us to buy insurance under Obamacare. Don't be surprised if we have to start paying transfer taxes on sporting firearms like we do on class 3 weapons (machine guns, short barreled rifles, sawed of shotguns, etc.)
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