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The Elephant in The Room with Politicos

serfserf Member Posts: 8,865 ✭✭✭✭
edited October 2016 in Politics
With the America government running our future & all the talking heads in the news information media but no one sees The Elephant in the room!

Soon we must pay the piper for all the dancing with the parties punch bowl having denature alcohol poured in making everyone blind!


Wynn said the printing of money by the U.S. Treasury under the guidance from the U.S. Federal Reserve and the national debt have not been properly addressed albeit a short segment at the final debate.

"We take in $3.1 trillion and we spend $3.7 trillion," Wynn said Thursday to guest host Eric Bolling. "And that $600 billion deficit is at the rate of $50 billion a month. Our government is printing money and it's degrading the living standard of every person in America. It's the cause of frustration, anger and confusion. I was disappointed we didn't get in a real substantive conversation about that last night."


  • spasmcreekspasmcreek Member Posts: 38,925
    edited November -1
    i find it so discomforting to acknowlege the brilliant inventors, medical advances, and technological breakthrews put forward by so many in AMERICA ...and yet the political arena bubbles up from the septic system to clog up our whole lives....
  • jerrywh818jerrywh818 Member Posts: 2,573 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    Many people think that the Fed chair is taking orders straight from Obama and that Obama would never appoint anybody he couldn't control.
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