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Justice Jeanine Pirro will Replace Megyn Kelly

droptopdroptop Member Posts: 8,925
edited November 2016 in Politics
Fork her, she's done, (snoopes is silent).

Since the Gingrich interview, Kelly's already declining ratings, the result of her incessant Trump bashing, took a nose dive into the toilet and emptied out into the local sewer. Megyn Kelly is not likely to recover from the fact that she has been exposed as a Clinton supporter and denier of her crimes. Look for Judge Jeanine Pirro to take her place in the 9-10 PM Eastern time slot. Meanwhile, Sean Hannity's ratings continue to climb for all the obvious reasons.


This would be too good to be true, if it's True. banana.gifarrow_left_03.gifLoves Megyn, literally.


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