Trump to host unusual meeting with U.N.

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There you go! Trump is now seeking United Nations Permission to act in their behalf to attack N.Korea.Now it may bring The World from the Brink of WWIII but it will surely solidified The UN authority over rights of The People of the world under world government authority. No new Nuclear states will be allowed period.

If war breaks out and N Korea is taken down then the horror of Nuclei devastation will cause an out cry from all sides to control nuclear weapons under their (The U.N.)authority by the members states.A win win for The New world order and Peace?

Next will be The Palestine problem along with Israel and it's rogue status as a Nuclear Power.Believe it or not.



President Trump will host members of the United Nations Security Council at the White House Monday, a highly unusual meeting made even more startling because of his harsh criticism of the international institution during the campaign and since taking office.

?We are not like other countries,? Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared recently. ?We are an exemplary democracy


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