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Germany Has Been Pacified !

serfserf Member Posts: 9,225 ✭✭✭✭
edited May 2017 in Politics
Germany is going to accept millions of Muslim in their country and they have been subjugated By The United Nations NWO that all races and nations are equal. Because of their past they will have to accept any directive to allow a clan in their midst with violence teaching in their sacred holy scripture in the Koran.

They are foolish to think Muslims will be integrated into their cultural affairs.

It will be their undoing in the end.The EU will fail and it has no longer have any true Christian values in their Constitution.

They remove God from their social government and The Muslims will seize on their weakness. Just watch! France is the next to see how that goes today.


It?s a dramatic reversal for a party that until recently posed the most serious threat in years to Angela Merkel and her Christian Democratic-led bloc. While several factors have contributed to the AfD?s slide, not least the easing of the refugee crisis that helped it to reach record highs in the polls last year, many voters in Germany have been turned off the populist message by the performance of the Trump administration, according to Werner Patzelt, a political science professor at the Technical University of Dresden.

Trump?s early days in office show that ?it?s not enough to come to power with populist positions,? Patzelt said in an interview. ?Reality gets in the way.? In addition, he said that Merkel?s party and its affiliates ?have changed their refugee policy by nearly 180 degrees, without, of course, declaring that they have done so.?


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