Ethics investigation?

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Michigan's John Conyers, an aide who was also his campaign treasurer, and nM's Benjie Ray Lujan are all being investigated by the toothless OCE for allegations that Ethics Rules were violated.
Lujan, former casino blackjack dealer & son of many progliblefty politicians (which were his only accomplishments, and obviously qualifies him to represent an entire state) is accused of breaking House rules in a fundraising effort by mailing out pictures of himself and several other (d)s sitting on the House floor during a childish "sit in" that (d) idiots staged to protest the "lack of gun control bills getting passed" during June of last year.
Conyers is being investigated for the same crap he was "cleared" of for the last 20 years; fraud & taxes.
His aide is getting looked at for being Conyers' campaign treasurer, at the same time as he was working as an aide to the crooked politician, something that's specifically taboo under House rules.


Here's part of the story, there will be more, if the "matter" doesn't disappear quietly.


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