Baltimore Mayor is Clueless & Should Step Down!

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A black woman who is nothing but a clueless bureaucrat Politician



One officer, for instance, testified that he was so worried about being caught that he scattered $20,000 cash from an on-duty robbery in the woods behind his house.

The gun unit would sometimes try to deflect suspicion by lending tactical gear, including bulletproof vests, to civilians so they could commit robberies. The officers served as lookouts.

The detectives also kept BB guns in their police cars in case they needed to plant them on suspects, and frequently placed tracking devices on the vehicles of civilians, so they could rob their homes. Some of the civilians were suspected of dealing drugs, but at least one had no criminal record.

The crew stole anything they found of value: Rolex watches, dirt bikes, cologne, Air Jordan sneakers, a Chanel purse, heroin, cocaine, and prescription drugs.

The unit, whose purpose was to get guns off the street, even stole and sold guns.


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