Texas primary Propositions 2018

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These were the Propositions on the 2018 Texas Primaries. Anyone notice a difference?

Now these are nothing more than push polls, but I think the presentation says a lot.

The Democrat list came from the Texas SOS web site, the Republican were only listed as Prop 1~11 so the rest of the title came from a news site and as best I recall they are accurate.

Democrat Proposition

Prop 1 Right to a 21st Century Public Education
Prop 2 Student Loan Debt
Prop 3 Right to Healthcare
Prop 4 Right to Economic Security
Prop 5 National Jobs Program
Prop 6 Right to Clean Air, Safe Water, and a Healthy Environment
Prop 7 Right to Dignity & Respect
Prop 8 Right to Housing
Prop 9 Right to Vote
Prop 10 Right to a Fair Criminal Justice System
Prop 11 Immigrant Rights
Prop 12 Right to Fair Taxation

Republican Proposition

Proposition 1 - Replace Prop Tax
Proposition 2 - Voting for Toll Roads
Proposition 3 - Picking Speaker Nominee
Proposition 4 - Screen New Hires
Proposition 5 - Open Child Education Options
Proposition 6 - Public Bathroom Privacy
Proposition 7 - Abolish Abortion in Texas
Proposition 8 - Make Voter Fraud a Felony
Proposition 9 - Repeal Obamacare
Proposition 10 - Cap Property Tax
Proposition 11 - No Taxes for Pro Stadium
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