Went to local gun show

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Talked to some gun show attendees. NO one knew the kids from Parkland school have organized national anti gun rallies in D.C. and across the nation. Gun owners seem to be asleep at the wheel.

How many of you have so much as heard of a counter protest?


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    Was at my local gun show sunday. A dealer next to me said there were protesters outside. It turns out there wasn't but to some it must be stuck in their head if they hear there's protesting at gun shows it must be every show. There were protesters at the show the week before in the next county. The power of media to convince people things are happening that aren't.
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    The ARE NOT anti gun rallies. They are school safety rallies.
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    Did you forget the GREEN font.
    I just scrolled through 30+ articles and commentary on the rallies and walk outs and NOT ONE mentioned School Safety as the issue, EVERY one sited National Gun Violence as their cause and protesting Congresses inaction in there opinion. I think that could qualify as anti-gun.
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    I have heard the term used school safety in the local paper but whenever anyone speaks at one they are talking gun control.
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