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If you have time this is a very very good read....not written by me!


I don't believe Nikolas Cruz killed those kids. He was framed. I said this on February 16th. I believe it more strongly now. I know I'm in the minority. But, after closely studying Vegas, Pulse and the Florida shooting, and reading thousands of articles and witness statements in real-time, I think his entire background was fabricated by Broward county law and FBI, and his social media profiles engineered to create motive. Cruz is autistic. I found three articles that bury that fact. Explains a lot. He has the mental capacity of a 12 year old. Perfect patsy.

I remind you that the same people who run Broward county are connected to the Globalist movement behind the last 18 months of trying to impeach Trump and frame him for non-existent Russian collusion. They will STOP at nothing. The UK slaughtered 16 kids 20 years ago at a school to get people to give up their guns. It worked. Biden made schools gun free zones in the US in 1990 so the gun grabbers could do the same here. 98% of shootings in gun free zones. This is PLANNED.

Nikolas had no reason to shoot up that school. He and his brother were about to inherit $800,000 from their mother. His therapist reported he was fine. The media has done an excellent job of reporting hearsay and sound bites of behavior that likely didn't exist. They created a persona and sold it hard. There is no visual, audio or eyewitness evidence that Cruz was the shooter. Just the word of Broward county.

Now the mother and brother are both out of the way to dispute anything. And Cruz pled guilty because his Broward county public defender told him to or he faced the death penalty.

Who did have a reason to shoot up the school? The corrupt Broward county FBI, law and school district, home of repeated voter fraud, on behalf of the gun GRABBERS. Who shot those kids? A teacher said on ABC it was someone wearing a face mask, helmet, bullet proof vest and wielding a gun she had never seen before. Not Cruz. Another eyewitness placed him in street clothes at the other end of the building.

Then, after the Broward police and EMS left those kids die alone for 45 minutes to die, they had their gun control narrative in hand, activist students ready to go and a horrified public ready to believe anything.

Now you know how they sold us on the fairytale that lone wolves killed JFK, RFK and MLK and Joe McCarthy was wrong about Communists infiltrating our Government. McCarthy was right. In order to take over, the Communists need to disarm us like they did in Cuba. Communist China is on the record that they will replace the U.S. as the world's superpower by 2050 and have called for the U.S. to repeal the 2nd amendment. This is a key first step toward that end goal.

I wish I was wrong. Sadly, I don't think I am. Evil. Here's detail to support my position.
UPDATED 2/26. Here's a summary of what we know on the Florida shooting. It gets even more bizarre and incredulous day by day.

1. Within minutes after the shooting, Florida Senator Bill Nelson went on TV saying the FBI confirmed that the shooter wore a gas mask, vest, threw smoke grenades and snuck into the building to set off fire alarm. Within 24 hours that narrative changed to Cruz arriving in a gold Uber wearing a black hat carting a rifle and they called the police. Witnesses did not take any pics of either narrative.

2. Feis, the coach who was killed, has been reported dying in four different scenarios in four different local newspapers. Other national newspapers report he never encountered Cruz at all. Some say he was armed. Others not armed. The boy CNN labeled a hero for saving kids with Kevlar actually NEVER SAW CRUZ or Feis. Only heard about them from others. The assistant coach and Sheriff Israel said Feis "shielded" two or three students and died but that is total hearsay. No actual witness statements have been proffered.

3. Broward County is the home to documented Clinton & Gore voter fraud in 2000, 2004 and 2016. Debbie W. Schultz district. Sheriff Israel is a close friend of Hillary's who was saved from a charge that he impregnated a 17 year old girl in 2012. Believe NOTHING coming FROM this county.

4. Cruz's mother allegedly called police 36 times to her home. A therapist is on record LAST YEAR saying that Cruz was sane, not mentally ill, and not a danger to himself or others. The mother died mysteriously of the flu last November and Cruz's brother was grabbed AFTER the shooting and committed in a psych ward against his will. Now Cruz has no family. The family Cruz was living with said he didn't drive, worked at the Dollar Store and showed no signs of crazy and are reportedly after Cruz's money. He texted he was going to the movies on Valentine's Day. A picture of Cruz and his brother lovingly holding their mother's ashes has emerged.

5. A cop from another precinct heard a description of Cruz's clothing on the radio and just happened to spot him 2 miles from the school, just 21 minutes after the shooting ended. He was casually walking down the street after visiting Wal-Mart and McDonald's for a snack. He was arrested without incident, had a panic attack because he appeared confused about being arrested and within minutes appeared too drugged to walk.

6. The Broward county prosecutor told Cruz if he didn't plead guilty they would seek the death penalty. His Broward county public defender advised him to plead guilty within 36 hours after shooting.

7. The son of an ANTI TRUMP FBI GUY, David Hogg, the head of the school TV station, was texting his father DURING the shooting from a classroom and filmed the screams! He is the SOURCE of the video. Immediately after the shooting he gave interviews that appeared scripted and had several outtakes to fix his errors in recall. He immediately sent the video to CNN, became the spokesperson for the global student gun control narrative, appeared on every network, tweeted for people to call their Congressman and push gun CONTROL. Interesting that a kid who just watched his classmates slaughtered has a video in hand, a professional narrative, is blaming Trump and glorifying the FBI instead of grieving. Rumors are that HOGG may be a 26 year old crisis actor. None of that has been verified. However, there is a 2017 CBS TV news appearance on the beach in LA by David Hogg who days his parents moved from California to Broward County, Florida in the past few years so he could become a student reporter. HOW CONVENIENT. He says it's a coincidence and he was just visiting LA last year.

8. There is NOT ONE PIC OF CRUZ OR Corral shooting. Why? There should be thousands. There were 3,000 kids at that school and thousands at Vegas.

9. THE FBI has 1,000 agents in southern Florida, 35,000 nationwide. There is no lack of staff to follow up. In 2011, under Obama's direction, Broward County schools and authorities told law enforcement to stand down when dealing with offenders and let them go. Why?

10. WTH. So, Cruz was ready to inherit $800,000 from his dead mother who died suddenly from the flu last November...so he decides to kill a bunch of kids while his brother is mysteriously swept off to the insane asylum after the shooting and Broward county can now use THAT money to pay the county for Cruz's legal and public defender legal fees? Are you kidding me?

11. SMOKING GUN, PEOPLE. Sheriff Israel's ARMED Deputy was CAUGHT ON VIDEO outside the school DOING NOTHING for FOUR minutes of the entire 6 minutes of shooting. Was he told to STAND down? Did he let those kids die on purpose or was he just scared? I choose door number one. He resigned pending investigation.

12. Several schools across the nation informed parents that they were threatened with gun violence on social media. All threats were HOAXES yet appeared to be identical and coordinated nationally. WHO is behind that?

13. CNN is now trying to cover for all the inconsistent stories in the Florida shooting by reporting that the surveillance footage used to track the shooter's movements was on a 20 minute delay. So the police say they thought Cruz was still in the building when he was really ALREADY AT WAL-MART! They say this is why everybody is so CONFUSED and the timelines and stories don't match!!

This is a joke, right? What surveillance system is on a 20 minute delay, or accidently rewinds, and what kind of idiot would believe that BS?


14. More on the armed Officer who resigned for not going in to face the shooter:

In February 2016, the Broward sheriff?s office received information that Nicholas Cruz ?planned to shoot up the school.? A deputy forwarded the information to the school resource officer at Stoneman High. That resource officer was Deputy Scott Peterson. The same Peterson who stood outside 4 Minutes and DID NOTHING when the call came.

Then in September 2016, a peer counselor at Stoneman High alerted the school resource officer ? likely Deputy Peterson ? that Cruz ?possibly ingested gasoline? a week prior ?in an attempt to commit suicide and is cutting himself.?

In November 2017, a caller from Massachusetts, yes Massachusetts, told the authorities that Cruz had been stockpiling guns and knives. The Sheriff?s office said the caller worried that Cruz ?will kill himself one day and believes he could be a school shooter in the making.?

Deputy Peterson signed his retirement papers which basically amounted to a resignation. He will receive pension. He had been with the office for more than 32 years. ?He is not someone who has much of a presence? in the school, said Samantha Fuentes, an 18-year-old at Stoneman High who was shot in both legs.

Why was the Resource Officer outside to begin with? What happened to the UBER Driver? Was Peterson the only one who SAW the UBER arrive? Was Nicholas Cruz actually expelled from school? Then why did the Snead's, the family he was staying with, make a statement that Nicholas decided to stay home from school on Valentine's Day? Confused yet?

15. "Before he moved in, one of our stipulations was that Nikolas had to get a gun safe. Nikolas didn't drive so we got him a gun safe on the way to move his stuff to our house. Nikolas did not have access to the gun safe. We had the only key," said the man Nikolas lived with after his mother died. How did he get the gun?

16. Also, was Cruz really expelled? If so, why did the Sneads say Nik was not going to school on Valentine's Day and Nik texted he was going to the movies instead?

17. A teacher said on video on ABC that she thought the shooter, in the hallway, was the police, in full tactical gear like a SWAT team. Until she realized he was killing people. She saw this masked man outside her classroom at the same time another student, on the other side of the school, said she talked to Cruz, he was unarmed and walking out with her while hearing shots.

18. Remember the HANGING CHADS in the 2000 Presidential election? Where 1,800 ballots had to be recounted to determine if Al Gore really won the election or if there was some hanky panky going on?

Guess which county that was? You guessed it. Corrupt BROWARD COUNTY. Bush prevailed.

19. Wow. Turns out Sheriff Israel's Broward County Office FAILED to secure the scene in the Fort Lauderdale Airport shooting last year, too. 5 people died. 6 wounded.

20. Another SMOKING gun. The Broward County Sheriff?s department told Fox News that the Deputies who arrived at the scene of the shooting were told not to enter the school unless their body cameras were turned on. Then Fox News found out that the Deputies did not EVEN have body cameras! Another lie.

Also, police radio communications strangely went out during the school shooting while the surveillance tape was delayed 20 minutes. Sheriff Israel's team was criticized LAST YEAR when they also lost radio communication during the horrific Ft. Lauderdale airport shooting that left 6 dead and 5 wounded.

COINCIDENCE? Not on your life. Pattern of corruption.

21. Fox News' Laura Ingraham has received internal emails from the Broward County Sheriff's Office that strongly urges all staff to vigorously support Democrat Sheriff Scott Israel.

22. An EMS first responder said they were not allowed to treat victims for 45 minutes after shooting ended. By then, everyone was dead.

23. If officers waited outside, why wasn't the shooter arrested as he left the building?

24. How did the gun control narrative script itself within 2 hours after the shooting?

25. Sheriff Israel took money from the Cuban mafia for re-election. Broward County has 66 open cases of criminal activity AGAINST IT. DEN OF CROOKS. FUNDED BY THE CUBAN MAFIA.

26. Zachary Cruz was held for 10 days and then supposedly posted a loving childhood picture of he and his brother. What did they do to him during those ten days? We still haven't seen him. Is he really posting?

27. The police said they went to Cruz's home 39 times, then 36 times, now 27 times. No arrests were ever made. The only source of Cruz's alleged violent background is from the Sheriff's department. DCF made a home visit and found NO weapons! Somebody called Florida DCF in 2016 to investigate whether Cruz was being abused by his mother, Linda Cruz. I repeat, by HIS MOTHER, not the other way around. Nikolas is 19 but he supposedly has the mental capacity of a 12 year old.

I assume it was the neighbors who are currently petitioning the court to take over the $800,000 inheritance.

DCF made a home visit and FOUND NO abuse and NO firearms. So, why does Sheriff Israel say Cruz had guns and DCF says the boy had none? Because they needed the fake gun narrative for motive.

28. The UBER driver now says, after 14 days, Nik was carrying a guitar case for music class. So he hid full body armor, helmet, vest, gun, smoke grenades in guitar case, suited up, shot 17 people, dropped his gear and SNUCK out of a surrounded school in 11 minutes and then casually walked two miles in 21 minutes? NOT POSSIBLE. He supposedly has the mental capacity of a 12 year old.

Like Vegas, Pulse, and Sandy Hook this case has more questions than answers. I believed on 2/16 that Cruz was framed. I am 99% certain now. Who really did kill those kids for the gun grabbers?


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    how long before do nothing deputy dies in an accident
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    Interesting ... but maybe just a conspiricy theory.

    "This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or exercise their revolutionary right to overthrow it." Abraham Lincoln
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    From Miami raigslist ?

    Cruz is autistic with the capacity of a 12 year old ?

    That's interesting, waco.

    What did you do to try to verify that claim ?
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    I think Lee Harvey Oswald killed President Harding.

    It has been PROVEN the shootings at the Pulse nightclub never happened. It is a complete fabrication created by Hollywood film and movie professionals to move a Marxist agenda forward against guns and support g-ay lifestyles. The motto of this creative group is; "you gotta cap a few for the betterment of others."

    Cruz did not shoot the kids, the article is 100% correct. The killings were by armed Deputies acting as students. That is the reason the Deputy stayed outside and nobody went in until after the shootings were over and the perps, there were three, made sure everyone shot was capped in the head to make darn sure they were dead. It is all part of the plan as outlined below. Note all shot ARE DEAD, no wounded left to tell tales of who shot them. It takes a real professional like John Wick to pull off that many head shots and leave zero wounded.

    The Sheriff of Broward County is a Cuban trained Communist plant slowly turning the department into a funnel for illegals, drugs and political money to unseat Americans during elections. This is all in the plan so the Marxists can quickly move in and run Florida. Then when in power they plan on seizing retirement funds of the rich NY Jew transplants to finance more Marxist campaigns.

    They are diabolical but also pure genius in their plans and execution of that plan, it never changes.
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    ^^^^^^^^^ you forgot to mention Biden and Pelosi are from the planet Xzenia and are part of the plot to take over and control the world while pillaging all the precious metals and jewels.

    "This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or exercise their revolutionary right to overthrow it." Abraham Lincoln
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    quote:Originally posted by us55840
    ^^^^^^^^^ you forgot to mention Biden and Pelosi are from the planet Xzenia and are part of the plot to take over and control the world while pillaging all the precious metals and jewels.


    Well I thought everybody knew Elton Musk is making rockets with the funding he got from the (D) party with the help of Biden and Pelosi; the funding is hidden in the 2600 pages of Obamacare. You don't believe all one trillion bucks goes to help Americans do you? They will use the rockets for high speed troop transports when the invasion comes. It will happen so fast we are defenseless against it.
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    I don't buy into the original post.

    However, it's pretty coincidental that all these shootings are occurring. The shooters are either killed or are window lickers that can't explain why they did what they did, and there are lots of "someone dropped the pall" instances.

    It's starting to be a gun controller's dream come thru.
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