Republicans represent the POOR not Democrats

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Economic Profile of 50 States Reveals Republicans Represent the Poor, Democrats the Rich

Guess things have changed. Always thought the Democrats were the party of the poor. Looks like I was "stuck" 40 years in the past.

Though income drives the rankings from poorest (West Virginia) to richest (Maryland), the list also includes population, unemployment and poverty rates. To unlock the political secret in these data points, cross-reference them with figures available from the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) showing which party controls state legislatures.

What you see is exactly the reverse of our cultural mythology: Heading into midterms, Republicans are very much the party of the poor and Democrats are the party of the rich. This seemingly sounds nuts. It isn?t. Thirty-two states have Republican-controlled legislatures.

Explains why the rich/famous/media/elite are mostly Democrats. I've been mushroomed.

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