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Inherited (unregistered?) hand gun

russjohnsonrussjohnson Member Posts: 3 ✭✭
I inherited this gun about two years ago, stuck it in my safe and forgot about it. I want to give the weapon to my son-in-law in Texas (I live in CA). What is the legal course of least resistance I should follow to affect this transfer. I do not know whether the weapon is/was registered by my uncle before his death.


  • dcinffxvadcinffxva Member Posts: 2,830 ✭✭
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    The short answer to your question would be to have a licensed California dealer ship it to a licensed dealer in Texas, and have your son-in-law get it transferred to him through the Texas dealer. It is not necessarily a requirement that a licensed dealer ship it, but it would make things a lot easier on you at a minimal cost.
  • russjohnsonrussjohnson Member Posts: 3 ✭✭
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  • slumlord44slumlord44 Member Posts: 3,702 ✭✭✭
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    Bought a couple of C&R handguns from my cousin in California a couple of years ago. He had never registered them in California. They had been his fathers in Illinois. Sent him my C&R. He shiped guns to me by UPS. UPS was ok with it as long as they saw a coppy of my C&R. Once they were out of California, they were never there as far as I am concerned. I know California keeps geting worse every year, but then so does Illinois
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