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I have recently been buying imported guns such as Taurus, Walther, and Glock.

I don't want to have all of my money going to foreigners, however. I don't really see and American gun companies I want to give my money to. Remington is back to supporting Zumbo. I still have problems with Smith and Wesson. I have problems with Bill Ruger's anti-gun comments. A lot of gun companies are backing the NRA's anti-gun agendas. If there are no good American gun companies, I may have to spend all my money on imports. Even if the imported guns aren't from extremely pro-gun companies, at least their policies don't apply here, if you get my drift.


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    In semi auto high cap rifles the U.S. leaves a lot to be desired. I own a Bushmaster AR but I think the Norinco AK and Daewoo I own with the gas piston systems are much more reliable. The AK is an all around more reliable rifle than both of the others. there are many more good choices for foriegn rifles such as HK, Cetme, SKS, Saiga, ect... than domestic made ones. As far as pistols I have had many over the years but so far non have come close to being as accurate and dependable as the Glock. Our arms makers for the most part dont seem to care about makeing improvements or new models for the "so called assault rifle" market.
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    A fellow name of Ronnie Barrett has thrown snit in the eye of the anti-gun officials and lackeys thereof.

    The only one I can think of that has actually taken a stand demonstrating that he is willing to take a hit financially to support the Constitutionally.

    THAT is one of the very strongest indicators of a man that supports his country. Will one sacrifice monetarily for his belief in the basic rightness of American values.

    Most will not.
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